ECMWF PNA Climate Index Forecast

World Climate Service: an indispensable toolkit for today’s Energy Meteorologist

Energy meteorologists are busier than ever Energy traders around the world rely on their energy meteorologists to keep them on top of the weather and ahead of the market. Huge advances in long-range forecasting over the last decade mean that energy meteorologists are busier than ever (see here and here) attending to a wealth of[…]

Photo of a UK offshore wind farm

Probability Forecasts for UK Offshore Wind Farms

As the science of long-range forecasting matures, and evidence of real-world success accrues (see here and here), new applications of subseasonal and seasonal forecast information are emerging constantly. Traditionally, long-range forecasts for the energy industry have focused on expected variations in energy demand due to (mainly) temperature fluctuations, but energy supply is becoming more and[…]