Seasonal Climate Forecasts

Seasonal Climate Forecasts: Unparalleled Insight

The World Climate Service produces seasonal climate forecasts up to 6 months in advance and delivers the tools needed to understand and create these challenging predictions. Commodity trading desk meteorologists using World Climate Service gain multiple benefits.  They include: 1) Save time with efficient, intuitive access to a comprehensive suite of climate prediction tools, including forecast models and statistical and analog-based tools Example AO index monitoring graphic The World Climate Service provides user-friendly access to a comprehensive set of online tools for climate forecasts as well as a monthly subjective written seasonal climate forecasts prepared by our experts.   2) Create your own forecasts from the interactive WCS analog database World Climate Service Analog Selection Menu Experienced meteorologists rely on both our subjective expert forecasts and the tools and information we provide. Using World Climate Service tools, meteorologists can diagnose the current state of the climate and prepare an original climate forecast.   3) Stay ahead of the competition with unique WCS insight on seasonal climate drivers and risks The World Climate Service team draws on many years of seasonal forecast experience and cutting-edge research and development, including NOAA-sponsored climate forecasting research. Our experience and insight is ingrained in the web-based interface, the monthly written report, and in the forecasts themselves. Every aspect of the product reflects our expertise in the rapidly advancing science of seasonal forecasting.

Seasonal Climate Forecasts Overview - World Climate Service

The World Climate Service is a web-based information service providing:
  • Seasonal Climate Forecasts - Forecasts of climate conditions from 1 month to 6 months in advance
  • Subseasonal Climate Forecasts - Forecasts of climate and weather conditions from 2 weeks to 6 weeks in advance
Seasonal Climate Forecast Example: Australia October 2018 Precipitation Forecast

Seasonal model forecast consistency analysis

The World Climate Service provides reliable, skillful, hype-free long-lead forecasting services. We achieve this by:
  • Taking advantage of both dynamical and statistical prediction capabilities
  • Emphasizing probabilistic information and quantitative forecast confidence for decision-making
  • Creating optimal blends of the information used for prediction
  • Providing transparency through on-demand forecast verification and skill statistics
  • Predicting and explaining the phenomena and known influences driving the forecast
Example Persistence Climate Forecast Tool

Example Persistence Climate Forecast Tool

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