Week 3 temperature probability forecast

Seasonal Forecasts – Who To Believe?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, quoting World Climate Service scientist Paul Knight, commented on the contradictory winter forecasts issued by two competing versions of the U.S. “Farmer’s Almanac”: https://www.wsj.com/articles/will-winter-be-nasty-or-nice-depends-which-farmers-almanac-you-read-11545929300 While the discussion is lighthearted, and some might say the forecasts themselves are not to be taken seriously, the article illustrates the popular[…]

August 2016 – New NOAA Phase II SBIR Award To Develop Subseasonal Forecasts

The World Climate Service focuses on providing the best possible seasonal and subseasonal forecasts available.  To that end, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has awarded a phase II SBIR grant to the World Climate Service.  The goal of the SBIR is to fund the development of seasonal and subseasonal climate forecasts of industry-specific[…]